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Auto Safety Electronic Products

Screen splitting system (Quad)

Full automatic screen splitting control box that can be used for any video cameras and monitors and suitable for automotive usage.

2, 3, 4 cameras input available.

Rear View Monitors

All size of video monitors for rear view system

2.5”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0”, 7”…

l  On dash style

l  Rear view mirror style

Visible Parking Sensors

Combine camera images with sensors and show statuses on video monitors!

Rear View Cameras

Parking rear view cameras,

Front view cameras

l  Clip style,

l  Bracket mounting style,

l  Roof mounting styles

l  Your style….

Parking Sensor System

2 or 4 sensors backup sensor kits

l  Buzzer parking sensors

l  Voice parking sensors

l  LED parking sensors

l  LCD parking sensors

l  Rear view mirror parking sensors

Front and Rear Sensor System

2 front sensors, 4 rear sensors

4 front sensors, 4 rear sensors

l  Buzzer dual sensor system

l  Voice dual sensor system

l  LED dual sensor system

l  LCD sensor system

l  Rear view mirror dual sensor system

Relatives Accessories.

Automatic front & rear cameras selector for single monitor

For cars with front and rear cameras.

 automatically select singe camera image and show on a monitor or a DVD screen with AUX trigger signal

24V – 12V DC to DC adaptor.

Maximum input power: 42V DC

Regulated output power: 12V DC

Other Promotional Products We Make:

Promotional Umbrellas

Staple less Stapler


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Welcome to visit our website at: or or for visiting our products introductions.


Viseeo Technology owns factories in Taipei and ShenZhen City of China.

Focus on developing and manufacturing all kinds of automotive safety electronic products which create the safety and enjoy of driving.


[Best Quality] is what we’ve been working on and insisting.

All products with CE certification available


Our products and service ranges are:

> Monitor screen splitter (Quad in H blocks mode)

> Rear view TFT monitors

> Rear view TFT monitors with multi-media player and blue tooth

> Rear view cameras

> Reverse parking sensor (back up sensors) systems

> Front and rear sensor systems

> Visible parking sensor system

> Video control products

> DC to DC adaptors

> Your OEM products developing, designing and manufacturing.


New and most advantaged products (click on pictures for more details)


Model # V4: Quad system (screen splitting system)

Latest design with full automatic splitting in 10 functions

External quad control box, suitable for any video monitor


Model # VSR-91-04: Universal rear view mirror LED display

A parking sensor kit with a clip-on rear view mirror.

Anti-Glare blue mirror glass

Large LED display 100% hidden inside the mirror.

Front & rear system(6 or 8 sensors) also available.

Rear view mirror 5 inches TFT monitor_s.jpg

Model # VRM-500: Universal rear view mirror

with best size of 5” TFT monitor

Rear view mirror, with high resolution brand new TFT panel.

V1 V2 inputs, V2 is automatic for reverse camera

on dash 5 iunches rear view monitor_s.jpg

Model # VM-50: On dash 5” rear view monitor

On dash style, with high resolution brand new TFT panel

V1 V2 inputs, V2 is automatic for reverse camera

16mm two way camera-5.jpg

Model # VCAM-16T: Two way rear view camera.

With different accessories for clip style or bracket style usages. 170 degree diagonal viewing angle.

Standard and mirrored image adjustable.

CMOS or CCD image sensors are both available



4.3” rear view monitor with backup monitor

TF Card,(Mini SD card), USB plug for MP5

Bluetooth function!!

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