Parking Sensors /Reverse Sensors / Back Up Sensors



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Rear view mirror with LED display parking sensor.jpg



Each set in a white box

20 sets / Carton / G.W. 16 Kgs

1 x 20’ container can be loaded 5.4K

Model #: VSR-91-4

Parking Sensor system

With a clip-on rear-view mirror with LED display


Package include

> 4 ultrasonic sensors

> Control box

> Universal clip-on rear-view mirror

    Blue anti-glare mirror glass

LED display 1000% hidden

Buzzer built-in

> How sale (driller)


System activated when reverse gear being engaged.

Detecting rear obstacles by those sensors installed on rear bumper and shows the parking statuses by the LED display. 

Start to show distance from 2.5 meters

Display also issue Beep alarm sounds in four different distance stages:

- 1.5m: B…..B…..B…..B…...

- 0.7.m: B…B…B…B…B…B

- 0.6m: B..B..B..B..B..B..B..B..

- Below 0.4m: B---


Real human voice warning is also available.


Technical Specifications

- Rated power: 12V DC

- Working power: 10.5V ~ 15V DC

- Working current: 200mA

- Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz

- Working Temp: -10°C ~ + 70°C

- Storage Temp: -30°C ~ + 80°C