Dual mode, dual usage cameras

For front view or rear view

Clip-on style or metal bracket style

Ultra low illumination will be visible

bus inhouse camera 15.jpg

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Model number: VCAM-16T

The slimmest style for car rear view

16.5mm diameter only

With accessories for dual usage

1.       Clip clyle

2.       Bracket style

CCD quality #3030 image sensor used

170 degree diagonal viewing angle

Dual mode: Standard image (for front view) and mirrored image (for rear view) switchable.

Ultra low illumination


For importers or car decorating house, I will suggest you to use this camera for rear view purpose.

Just keep this camera in your shops or warehouse,

Some clients need camera to be installed on bumper and make it in good looking.  Then, you can use the clip-on style accessories

Some clients don’t want to drill a hole on car bumper.  Then, you can use the bracket style accessories.

So, you don’t have to keep too much styles of camera and waste your money.